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Funny Bunny feat. Bastoncino – Sunku pasakite! (or) It’s difficult to say (EN) – Sunku pasakyti! (LT)

In the kitchen of their home-hotel in Vilnius an artistic girl and a music creator together  have created a song that mix English, Lithuanian and Italian for express their feeling, and the feelings of the other 5 Italian friends taking part into the Leonardo Project, on their three months experience in Lithuania.

The main topics are the difficulty of the language, the discovery of a new place and new sensations…

Listen to the Lithuanian summer soundtrack of seven Italian guys in Vilnius!

Simone Gardumi – Music
Sara Fuss – Voice
Carmine Comparone – Special voice appearance
Ambra De Cesero, Antonella Galeone, Laura Gasparini, Veronica Polito – Special supporters

Projekte:  Eurappeal
Schlagworte:  Europa, Jugendliche und Europawahl